Ep. 5 | Building in a Bear Market

  • Your macro belief. This was covered in our Guardian Capstone, but what this essentially means answering the question — what assets do you want to accumulate the most and why? You should have a deeper fundamental understanding of your macro belief, so this feeling of loss you’re experiencing could be related to your lack of understanding. Perhaps now is the time to DYOR (do your own research).
  • Your time frame. If you’re a long term investor with a 5–10 year time frame like you might claim to be, then why are you concerned about another crypto market cycle? This level of downward volatility is nothing new to crypto. In 2011, Bitcoin had a flash crash from $32 to $0.01, and people thought it was the end of Bitcoin! Here’s a video to show real time action of the crash. If you’re truly worried about your crypto investments during a bear market, then just be honest with yourself. Revisit your positions and timeframes to determine if they are aligned with your macro beliefs.
  • Your participation. Are you a silent investor who buys and holds the asset then goes back to their real life endeavors? OR are you interested in participating in the web3 space with regards to engaging in the utility and communities that are built on top of blockchain? Could be that you’re a mix of both. Regardless which one you are, there’s opportunity to still win in the bear market — which is a great segway into the next segment of this article…

5 ways you can benefit from a bear market as both an investor and builder in the web3 space.

1.) The cream rises to the top.

2.) Stand out from the masses.

3.) Reveals the strength of the floor.

4.) You mature.

5.) Accumulate on a discount.



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